About Us

Sick Screens is an affordable and unique screen printing shop in Amarillo, TX. We focus on quality and ease, making our customers happy with the least amount of effort for them. Over the years, we noticed when we wanted shirts made for various reasons, the process was cumbersome. Most in-shop design guys didn’t quite get our idea, or they changed it completely because they thought it “looked better”.

In reality, shops change designs to better suit their needs, not yours. Designs that use less ink provide more profit… but sacrifice quality. Sick Screens is not in business for those reasons. We want to make our customers happy and proud to wear anything that we make. Every design is different, and any suggestions or changes are conveyed directly to our customers. Have a design already? Great! Have a crude drawing or idea? No problem, send it to us and we’ll bring it to life. We do our best to ensure that what we print is exactly what you want.

No fees. That’s right, we don’t charge design fees or setup fees for anything that we print. Most of the time these are simply added costs passed to the customer for extra profit. Sure, some shops may have great prices per item, but then they add design and setup fees, which in turn brings up the cost per item. Don’t fall in to those marketing ploys… Sick Screens keeps pricing as transparent as possible, and will beat quotes in most cases.